College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Marsha S. Haufler, Ph.D.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, History of Art
Professor Emerita
Art History
Primary office:
Spencer Museum of Art
Room 209D
University of Kansas
1301 Mississippi St., Room 209
Lawrence, KS 66045



Ph.D., History of Art, University of California

M.A., History of Art, University of California

M.A., Folklore, University of California

B.A., Studio Art, Mills College

Teaching Interests

  • Later Chinese art
  • Chinese painting
  • Buddhist art
  • Korean Art

Selected Publications

Haufler, M. S. (2016). Faces of Transnational Buddhism at the Early Ming Court. In . (Ed.), Ming China: Courts and Contacts 1400-1450 (pp. 143-151). London, U.K.: British Museum.

Haufler, M. (2014). “Beliefs: Miracles and Salvation” . In C. Clunas & J. Harrison-Hall (Eds.), Ming: 50 years that changed China, 1400-1450 (pp. 204-253). London, U.K.: British Museum.

Haufler, M. S. (2013). "Re-inscribing Mount Myohyang: From Pohyŏn Temple to the International Friendship Exhibition". In D. Park, K. Wangmo, & S. Cather (Eds.), Art of Merit: Studies in Buddhist Art and its Conservation (pp. 332-348).

Haufler, M. (2011). Mosaic Murals of North Korea. In R. Frank (Ed.), Exploring North Korean Arts (pp. 241-275). Vienna and Nuremberg: MAK and Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg.

Haufler, M. (2009). Viewing Paintings in Buddhist Monasteries: Episodes from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In . (Ed.), Beyond Boundaries (pp. 297-321). Seoul, Republic of Korea: National Museum of Korea.

Weidner, M. (2009). Fit for Monks' Quarters. Ars Orientalis, 47-75.

Weidner, M. (2008). A Vaishravana Thangka from the Ming Dynasty. Orientations, 92-99.

Weidner, M. (2008). Portraits and Personalities in the Temples of Ming Beijing: Responses to Portraits of the Monk Daoyan. In . (Ed.), The History of Painting in East Asia: Essays on Scholarly Method (pp. 224-42). Taipei: Rock Publishing International.

Weidner, M. (2007). Picturing Monks as Connoisseurs and Monasteries as Sites of Aesthetic Engagement. In . (Ed.), Zurich Studies in the History of Art, Georges-Bloch-Annual (Vol. 13/14, pp. 399-417). Zurich: University of Zurich, Institute of Art History.

Weidner, M. (2007). Sino-Tibetan Thangkas of the Chenghua and Zhengde Periods in Western Collections. Palace Museum Journal, 78-97.

Weidner, M. (2005). Images of the Nine-Lotus Bodhisattva and the Wanli Empress Dowager. Chungguksa yongu,(35), 245-278.

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